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Premium Italia is a young company that has quickly established itself in the Italian market as one of the major players in the sector of industrial production and packaging of ice for food use.
Thanks to our latest-generation plant, we are able to produce the quantity of ice equivalent to 1400 small makers, which are commonly found in bars and restaurants, with a considerable advantage in terms of energy and water savings of around 30%.
Ghiaccio Facile, in its convenient 2-kg packs, also satisfies the need to find the product ready for use, encouraging more conscious consumption: “USE WHAT YOU NEED!”. Every drop of water has an important value for us!!!
The passion for what we do comes from this: the awareness of contributing daily to the protection of the future on an environmental, social and economic level.
Sustainability is an integral part of our way of doing things, starting with our small daily gestures and the steps we take on a daily basis to minimise any negative impacts related to our work throughout the supply chain. We also consider sustainability to be one of the main factors of development and a binding commitment for future generations, and we want to demonstrate this concretely by telling our customers that we are working to introduce a new, fully compostable packaging in our range. We are convinced that economic performance must go hand in hand with environmental protection and the well-being of people.

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