Supply of ice for frozen food distributors

We supply frozen food distributors with edible ice while keeping the “cold chain” intact. The transfer and transport of packaged ice takes place with specific vehicles until the handover of the product to the customer or to the warehouse.

Our carriers are subject to strict controls before becoming our collaborators and are all equipped with IFS LOGISTIC CERTIFICATION.

IFS Food

We are a company that internally develops its entire needs with a certified IFS FOOD production system, our production in fact respects high standards of quality and hygiene.

Edible ice formats available

Constant controls during all stages of production (from water to packaging) certify the quality and purity of our edible ice.

Full cylinder cube

from about 30 gr. each.
With 10 kg of product you get about 100 drinks (using 3 cubes per drink).
Ideal for drinks, soft drinks, cooling boxes, cooling processes, ice buckets

Crushed ice

The flakes range from 2 to 4 gr. each
With 2 kg of product you get 10 to 12 cocktails.
Ideal for crushed drinks, thermal boxes, cocktails and the preservation of perishable foods.

Quick delivery service on pallets

Pallet with box

Pallet with bag

  • Delivery to tractor and truck
  • Fast pallet shipping service

In confezioni da 1 e  2 kg

Constant collaboration for the acquisition of new customers

Service of private customer area address to the nearest point of sale: from our site we collect orders from all over Italy that are then directed to the area sales points for our GDO customers.

Supply of ice for frozen food distributors:

Phone  0422 823291

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